Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall is on the way.

I can't say I have a favourite season, but I do know that I have a least favourite season - winter. That's right, after 6 prairie winters (that means this upcoming one will be my 7th. Augh.), I can honestly say that I do not like the months on end of snow and sub-zero temperatures. But, friends, not to worry...summer seems to have held on longer than usual here in Edmonton, with a spat of +25 C days in September. I believe we've even broken some daily records on the odd couple of days when the temp has been in excess of 30 C. In SEPTEMBER. In CANADA. It has definitely been a treat.

So, you're probably wondering what the point of this post is? Well, I guess it is a reflection on the seasons. The warm September has allowed us to drag out some favourite summer past times - a wienie roast in the river valley, bike rides in tank tops, sundresses. At the same time, the temperature will drop on some days and have hints of what is to come - crisp fall air, leaves changing colours, slippers and the like. For this weekend, that meant cooking up a potato & lentil curry dish served with sauteed swiss chard and red wine. I love red wine, but don't drink very much of it in the summer months, which makes me so happy to fill my cup come fall.

If I recall the forecast correctly, we'll still get a few toasty days this week. One last chance to wear a skirt with no tights and get the last wear of the flippy floppies for the year. Though I'll be sad to bid adieu to the warm days of summer, I'm actually looking forward to wearing my Ugg boots and my down vest. And getting my cook on with the delightful autumn recipes in this cookbook.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You know it's time for a haircut when...

Your split ends have split ends. For reals. I saw this on my own bad self last week and promptly phoned my dear friend Lauren at Raw Beauty. The soonest I could get in was this week - tomorrow, in fact. Thursday cannot come soon enough!

However, I'm always conflicted about haircuts. I'm in the process of trying to grow my hair out, which means I tend to stave off even a trim for as long as possible. I had been getting my bangs trimmed in between cuts, but missed out on that this time around (you know, being in Spain and all...)

Here is some photographic evidence to show you just how hairy (ha!) it's gotten! (don't worry, the shot is mostly of the bangs...I won't scar you with a macro shot of the split ends upon split ends).

Monday, August 3, 2009

I scream, you scream

I know it has been awhile since my last post, and Dallas has certainly been doing his share to contribute to the Synchyshyn blog. Apologies, readers (translation: Rebecca Shulba & Becky Buhler).

Last Sunday my friend Caitlin and I got together for a day of "cooking." It really had more to do with baking and ice cream making, but in the category of food creation nonetheless. We have recently been inspired by Pioneer Woman to make vanilla bean ice cream. Of course we needed something to serve it with, so that led to the creation of the most delicious little raspberry cobblers. We also made "Caitlin's magic buns" and some rhubarb & strawberry sauce to try to fill in the time while the ice cream did it's thing (you know, got icy...or whatever).

We tried our hand at experimenting with food photography (we've got lots to learn...e.g. aperture!), listened to a iTunes genius soundtrack based off of M. Ward's Fisher of Men and nearly became diabetic. It was, of course, excellent. I am thankful for a fantastic friend like Caitlin who enjoys cooking as much (or possibly more!) than I do and thinks that spending an entire sunny summer Sunday in the kitchen is a good idea.

Here are some of the photos from the day, in no particular order...which mostly has to do with the fact that I am quite inept at using the Blogger photo editor. I dislike how it uploads and formats these photos - any tips would be appreciated.

Cobblers, mid-bake:

Caitlin's magic buns, also mid-bake (I think):

Me dumping the ice cream "batter" into the mighty
Kitchen Aid mixer. I know, I should have been
wearing a hair net.

I believe Caitlin's instructions were, "punch it!"

Caitlin and the dough.

Mmm...rhubarb & strawberry sauce!

This became ice cream, for reals.

Whisk it...whisk it good.

This was before we started. We look so chipper.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


210 days, 1 pair of jeans, no washes and now 1 hole in the seat of the jeans.

These are my favorite jeans ever. Rachel got them for me as a gift 7 months ago when I finished my third period of electrical training. I have worn these jeans every day since then. The jeans have travelled the world with me; Hawaii, United Kingdom and Spain.

About a week ago I noticed the jeans had a small hole in the bum area. I was extremely depressed because I had not wash the jeans yet and was worried that washing them would only make the hole bigger.

I have since washed them and the hole is larger. Today I am taking them to my favourite tailor, hoping he will be able to work his magic so I can go another seven months of wearing and not washing my favorite pants.

If you own or have owned a pair of Nudie Jeans then you will understand the mixed emotions I'm feeling. Please Bill fix my pants.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Spanish Shoes

As you would have expected in our travels Rachel would be the one to bring home some nice leather shoes. Well this time it wasn't her it was me. The ass end of our trip was spent in Madrid with our wonderful friends Charlie and Becky. They hosted us in the sweltering Spanish heat during a very busy time. In which I am eternally grateful. Thanks guys!! Nonetheless, while in Madrid a good chunk of our time was devoted to shopping. As I said before, I expected Rachel to be the one to bring home the shoes but she kept pressing me to get a pair of campers. The pressure was only added when Charlie became consumed with anger towards me when I kept avoiding the subject. On our final full day in Madrid I tried on a pair of the Camper TWS from that moment on I was sold. Most comfortable shoes my feet have ever been in. Thanks for the peer pressure guys.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Loving London

Rachel and I started our trip to Europe in London. The Biggest city I have ever been in. There is so much to do there and so little time to do it in. Here are some highlights from our time in the land of Fish and Chips, Split Pea Soup and Cream Tea

London Eye

Rachel made a phone call

Westminster Palace and Big Ben from the London Eye.

The Changing of the Guard. Great Fun!!!

The Queen and her husband leaving St. James Palace after a lovely tea.

Rachel enjoying Tarfalgar Square. Peace.

Lovers in London. Buckingham Palace.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back from Travels

Why did I start this blog... It wasn't to find out my friends were unhappy that I wasn't blogging. I don't think I understand blogs which is why I don't write that much. Also I'm not a good communicator so writing becomes difficult for me. I was actually hoping that Rachel would be the one who would write the majority of our blog only because she loves to read and comment on other blogs.

Rachel and I just spent the last month traveling through Europe. Well England and Spain. I fell in love and have started saving all my pennies for our next trip. During our time in Spain we were able to spend time with our fabulous friends Charlie and Becky Buhler. Charlies was the one who voiced his disappointment when it came to our blog. I felt guilty and so decided that I needed to blog and blog consistently. So if you read this blog you can keep me accountable by leaving comments when I have blogged and when I haven't blogged.

Maybe in the comments leave some suggestions for me as to what you would like me or Rachel to blog about. If not, I will still try to blog and hopefully keep it interesting for all the readers.


Friday, February 6, 2009


So tomorrow Rachel and I leave for Hawaii!!! I'm so excited.  I haven't allowed myself to get excited about this trip because I was worried at that it might not happen.  But, now I know it's happening for sure.  I'm so excited to surf, I can barely contain myself!!!!  Ah, more updates to come :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


So for about the last six months I have been practicing the Japanese marital art of Judo which in Japanese means "the gentle way".  Although, I am confused by the meaning in that there is nothing gentle about being thrown over someones shoulder or being submitted by a choke.  Still my sensei or teacher tells me the gentle part comes in respect towards your opponent.


Today I had my test for my yellow belt.  I was tested on Japanese Judo terms and tested physically to show the teacher that I understand the concepts that I had been taught.  It feels good to finally add some colour to my Judoji "Judo uniform" instead of the plain white I had been sporting for the last six months.  Maybe now I'll get some respect from the black belts... ha, not likely. 

I can't wait till my next Judo class when I get to dawn my brand new yellow belt.  I will hold my head up high, until a white belt throws me down. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

frozen mouth.

Hi all.

So, back to the world of blogging, I guess. It was Dallas' idea to get back into this, and I think it may be kind of interesting to go at it together. Most of the posts will belong to him, because of that darn iPhone and his incessant twitter updates. I will try to entertain you all with fabulous details from our oh-so-exciting life here in Edmonton.

Today I was at the dentist. Again. For the 3rd time in 2 months, with one more appointment scheduled for March for the last 3 of my (7!) cavities to be filled. As Rebecca would say - "augh."
Today I was having one of the fillings fixed that was installed (?) in December - it had somehow cracked and was causing me pain if I tried to chew on the left side. I am excited to return to chewing like a normal person, when the freezing wears off.

My beef about the dentist is this - I brush and floss lots, and Dallas takes, uh, the opposite approach to oral hygiene. And what did he hear at his most recent dental cleaning/check up? "You have perfect teeth, Dallas." WHAT? How is this even possible? I know, I know...genetics, etc...but I'm still annoyed.

All in all, I actually quite like the dentist. Probably has something to do with having a terrific dentist growing up and not having any cavities then, saving myself any traumatic experiences as a kid. I still like the dentist, am just a little annoyed at my teeth.
Lettuce looking good. Keeping the mullet.
Wendy's first then getting the lettuce trimmed

Monday, January 26, 2009

Judo good. Test on thrusday

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Learning Japanese
Eating candy watching hockey.
Has a multi status app but still thinks you should twitter.
Testing the status update.



I think I started this blog so Rachel and I could share what is happening in our daily lives.  We have a full and exciting year ahead of us.  I am hoping this is one way we can remember our experiences and allow others to join in the experience as well.

I haven't told Rachel about this blog but I hope when I tell her she will want to blog here too.  You will also be able to tell Rachel is blogging when the spelling and grammar become significantly better.

Here's to Blogs. Cheers.