Saturday, July 18, 2009


210 days, 1 pair of jeans, no washes and now 1 hole in the seat of the jeans.

These are my favorite jeans ever. Rachel got them for me as a gift 7 months ago when I finished my third period of electrical training. I have worn these jeans every day since then. The jeans have travelled the world with me; Hawaii, United Kingdom and Spain.

About a week ago I noticed the jeans had a small hole in the bum area. I was extremely depressed because I had not wash the jeans yet and was worried that washing them would only make the hole bigger.

I have since washed them and the hole is larger. Today I am taking them to my favourite tailor, hoping he will be able to work his magic so I can go another seven months of wearing and not washing my favorite pants.

If you own or have owned a pair of Nudie Jeans then you will understand the mixed emotions I'm feeling. Please Bill fix my pants.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Spanish Shoes

As you would have expected in our travels Rachel would be the one to bring home some nice leather shoes. Well this time it wasn't her it was me. The ass end of our trip was spent in Madrid with our wonderful friends Charlie and Becky. They hosted us in the sweltering Spanish heat during a very busy time. In which I am eternally grateful. Thanks guys!! Nonetheless, while in Madrid a good chunk of our time was devoted to shopping. As I said before, I expected Rachel to be the one to bring home the shoes but she kept pressing me to get a pair of campers. The pressure was only added when Charlie became consumed with anger towards me when I kept avoiding the subject. On our final full day in Madrid I tried on a pair of the Camper TWS from that moment on I was sold. Most comfortable shoes my feet have ever been in. Thanks for the peer pressure guys.