Thursday, January 29, 2009


So for about the last six months I have been practicing the Japanese marital art of Judo which in Japanese means "the gentle way".  Although, I am confused by the meaning in that there is nothing gentle about being thrown over someones shoulder or being submitted by a choke.  Still my sensei or teacher tells me the gentle part comes in respect towards your opponent.


Today I had my test for my yellow belt.  I was tested on Japanese Judo terms and tested physically to show the teacher that I understand the concepts that I had been taught.  It feels good to finally add some colour to my Judoji "Judo uniform" instead of the plain white I had been sporting for the last six months.  Maybe now I'll get some respect from the black belts... ha, not likely. 

I can't wait till my next Judo class when I get to dawn my brand new yellow belt.  I will hold my head up high, until a white belt throws me down. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

frozen mouth.

Hi all.

So, back to the world of blogging, I guess. It was Dallas' idea to get back into this, and I think it may be kind of interesting to go at it together. Most of the posts will belong to him, because of that darn iPhone and his incessant twitter updates. I will try to entertain you all with fabulous details from our oh-so-exciting life here in Edmonton.

Today I was at the dentist. Again. For the 3rd time in 2 months, with one more appointment scheduled for March for the last 3 of my (7!) cavities to be filled. As Rebecca would say - "augh."
Today I was having one of the fillings fixed that was installed (?) in December - it had somehow cracked and was causing me pain if I tried to chew on the left side. I am excited to return to chewing like a normal person, when the freezing wears off.

My beef about the dentist is this - I brush and floss lots, and Dallas takes, uh, the opposite approach to oral hygiene. And what did he hear at his most recent dental cleaning/check up? "You have perfect teeth, Dallas." WHAT? How is this even possible? I know, I know...genetics, etc...but I'm still annoyed.

All in all, I actually quite like the dentist. Probably has something to do with having a terrific dentist growing up and not having any cavities then, saving myself any traumatic experiences as a kid. I still like the dentist, am just a little annoyed at my teeth.
Lettuce looking good. Keeping the mullet.
Wendy's first then getting the lettuce trimmed

Monday, January 26, 2009

Judo good. Test on thrusday

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Learning Japanese
Eating candy watching hockey.
Has a multi status app but still thinks you should twitter.
Testing the status update.



I think I started this blog so Rachel and I could share what is happening in our daily lives.  We have a full and exciting year ahead of us.  I am hoping this is one way we can remember our experiences and allow others to join in the experience as well.

I haven't told Rachel about this blog but I hope when I tell her she will want to blog here too.  You will also be able to tell Rachel is blogging when the spelling and grammar become significantly better.

Here's to Blogs. Cheers.