Thursday, January 29, 2009


So for about the last six months I have been practicing the Japanese marital art of Judo which in Japanese means "the gentle way".  Although, I am confused by the meaning in that there is nothing gentle about being thrown over someones shoulder or being submitted by a choke.  Still my sensei or teacher tells me the gentle part comes in respect towards your opponent.


Today I had my test for my yellow belt.  I was tested on Japanese Judo terms and tested physically to show the teacher that I understand the concepts that I had been taught.  It feels good to finally add some colour to my Judoji "Judo uniform" instead of the plain white I had been sporting for the last six months.  Maybe now I'll get some respect from the black belts... ha, not likely. 

I can't wait till my next Judo class when I get to dawn my brand new yellow belt.  I will hold my head up high, until a white belt throws me down. :)

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