Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back from Travels

Why did I start this blog... It wasn't to find out my friends were unhappy that I wasn't blogging. I don't think I understand blogs which is why I don't write that much. Also I'm not a good communicator so writing becomes difficult for me. I was actually hoping that Rachel would be the one who would write the majority of our blog only because she loves to read and comment on other blogs.

Rachel and I just spent the last month traveling through Europe. Well England and Spain. I fell in love and have started saving all my pennies for our next trip. During our time in Spain we were able to spend time with our fabulous friends Charlie and Becky Buhler. Charlies was the one who voiced his disappointment when it came to our blog. I felt guilty and so decided that I needed to blog and blog consistently. So if you read this blog you can keep me accountable by leaving comments when I have blogged and when I haven't blogged.

Maybe in the comments leave some suggestions for me as to what you would like me or Rachel to blog about. If not, I will still try to blog and hopefully keep it interesting for all the readers.



  1. let's see some pickies of the trip. keep the rest of us in love with travel too!

  2. YEAH!! A new post! You made my day D. :)

    I think the next post should be about your new Campers.