Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall is on the way.

I can't say I have a favourite season, but I do know that I have a least favourite season - winter. That's right, after 6 prairie winters (that means this upcoming one will be my 7th. Augh.), I can honestly say that I do not like the months on end of snow and sub-zero temperatures. But, friends, not to worry...summer seems to have held on longer than usual here in Edmonton, with a spat of +25 C days in September. I believe we've even broken some daily records on the odd couple of days when the temp has been in excess of 30 C. In SEPTEMBER. In CANADA. It has definitely been a treat.

So, you're probably wondering what the point of this post is? Well, I guess it is a reflection on the seasons. The warm September has allowed us to drag out some favourite summer past times - a wienie roast in the river valley, bike rides in tank tops, sundresses. At the same time, the temperature will drop on some days and have hints of what is to come - crisp fall air, leaves changing colours, slippers and the like. For this weekend, that meant cooking up a potato & lentil curry dish served with sauteed swiss chard and red wine. I love red wine, but don't drink very much of it in the summer months, which makes me so happy to fill my cup come fall.

If I recall the forecast correctly, we'll still get a few toasty days this week. One last chance to wear a skirt with no tights and get the last wear of the flippy floppies for the year. Though I'll be sad to bid adieu to the warm days of summer, I'm actually looking forward to wearing my Ugg boots and my down vest. And getting my cook on with the delightful autumn recipes in this cookbook.


  1. ahh...i love the "hints of fall" as well - especially the smell in the air in the warmish evening. and i'm with you on the missing of the puffy vest. yay fall.

  2. Yes, fall is my favorite season. It's been great having summer last so long (especially while my sailing lessons lasted and I was spending lots of time in the ocean), but I have to say I'm getting pretty excited for some cooler weather. Last weekend I even broke down and cooked something from the 'Winter' section of simply in season... the yam and black bean burritos you recommended, SO SO SO good, a new favorite meal is born:)

  3. Great to hear from you! I hear an electrician is the job to have right now so kudos to your husband. And our 'pridicament?' is better than last year when, if the power went out, it would go out in the whole apartment. We had to walk 4 flights down to the basement in pitch black to turn everything back on...and last year it seemed like if you sneezed the power would go out it was so unpredictable..